12 Days of Christmas: Blog Tag


Okay, I wasn’t really tagged for this by name. I just saw this on Kellyn Roth’s blog and she tagged “everyone who is following her”. This just sounded so fun! 😀

Anyways, from what I’m gathering, this is the fourth day of the blog party and Faith L. Potts of Stories by Firefly is hosting it!

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First Snow!

First Snow!

Edit: My younger brother got mad that I posted more than one picture of him on Purely by Faith (I thought he said I could post them!), so I had to take all but one off.

I’m sure most of you, if not all of you, did not know that I moved to Wisconsin about eight months ago stay tuned for a post about this containing pictures from April. So this is my first time (in a way, since I visited WI in February) seeing real snow. I mean, I lived in a boiling desert in California (which I did like) and snow was a rarity. On Christmas Eve last year, the most we got was maybe an inch or so of snow. It melted quickly the next day. I’m sure my family wasn’t the only once that enjoyed that…. when it was snowing last year, the chickens we used to have chased the snowflakes like it was like Manna from heaven.

Anyways, enough babbling from me…

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My Nanowrimo Journey// Why Do We Write?


That time of year is coming up again, people! The month where you have outlined your story (unless you’re a pantser like myself and have a hard time with that) and are completely prepared for the journey ahead. By the time it’s halfway through the month, we’re exhausted and almost dead (except I haven’t died yet since I’ve never done Nano. Good thing us authors will have many lives when it comes to writing xD)

Most of you have probably guessed I’m referring to Nanowrimo because of the title… xD

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Welcome to Purely by Faith!

Hey I’m Crystal and I’d like to welcome you to Purely by Faith!

Let’s get one thing straight so no one is confused: Crystal isn’t my real name. Think of it as my pseudonym or pen name. In the future, I may release what my name is, but I’m not comfortable doing so at the moment. I also love the name Crystal. 😛

Who I am:

~Jesus Freak~Marvel Fangirl~Bookworm~Star Wars Freak~Trekkie (Technically Star Trek Voyager)~Gamer~Writer~Daydreamer~Teenager~#chocolateismylife~introvert~
Ninjago Fangirl~LEGO lover~Milk hater~But First, Coffee~Photographer~Conservative Christian~Baker~Chicken Lover~

If you’re interested, I have a book review blog: Purely by Faith Reviews

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

~ Crystal