First Snow!

First Snow!

Edit: My younger brother got mad that I posted more than one picture of him on Purely by Faith (I thought he said I could post them!), so I had to take all but one off.

I’m sure most of you, if not all of you, did not know that I moved to Wisconsin about eight months ago stay tuned for a post about this containing pictures from April. So this is my first time (in a way, since I visited WI in February) seeing real snow. I mean, I lived in a boiling desert in California (which I did like) and snow was a rarity. On Christmas Eve last year, the most we got was maybe an inch or so of snow. It melted quickly the next day. I’m sure my family wasn’t the only once that enjoyed that…. when it was snowing last year, the chickens we used to have chased the snowflakes like it was like Manna from heaven.

Anyways, enough babbling from me…


Isn’t this pretty????? ❤


This is a picture of our small fence around our yard and a neighbor’s backyard. The building shown in the picture is our garage.

Our street (being the dumbo I am, I didn’t take a picture of my house. Took a picture of other things instead)


A bush in our front yard








That’s all the pictures I have for now. I know I’ll post more snow pictures as more snow comes.

~ Chloe

What do you think of the pictures? Does it make you want hot cocoa? What’s your favorite hot drink during Winter?


3 thoughts on “First Snow!

  1. Cool pics! Mmm… hot chocolate sounds so good! 🙂 I think that it is probably my favorite hot drink… hot apple cider is good too, but there’s nothing like hot chocolate with a candy cane in it… and marshmallows…. 🙂

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