Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #3

I’m very excited that I was able to start participating in the AAWC! What is the AAWC? Well, hopefully I’m understanding this right because it’s my first time doing this the Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge is where Zielle at My Homeschool Notebook gives three writing prompts to the bloggers participating and we’re basically supposed to create a short story with either all three prompts or at least one.

There were a few spots open on Team Summer and I decided to join. Here are the participants on Team Summer:




Abby Franklin

Catharine Runion

Chloe (ME)

So far, Team Summer is in the lead with 64 points. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s my wonderful, yet completely stupid story.

Story: 1

Prompts: 3

Pictures/Artwork: 1

I used my team name: 1

Total points: 6

Emily. 10. The hot pink of her outfit stood out from her pale skin.

Peter. 14. His brown hair lopped over his forehead and his shirt matched the deep blue in his eyes.

They didn’t know that going to the market would change everything. Peter held hands with his younger sister Emily as they walked along the path. They stopped to get a few eggs and a loaf of bread. Emily giggled at the miscellaneous chickens wandering around as Peter and the storekeeper exchanged farewells.

My photo of a chicken from earlier last year, before I moved to Wisconsin.

It was hard for Peter to provide for the last remaining member of his family. Although it wasn’t extremely difficult to find a few jobs here or there, finding a good paying one was a different question. Most people did not want to hire a young man like Peter, at least for very long. At the top of his list of priorities was always Emily, and today, Peter decided to purchase a few eggs because it was her birthday. He wanted it to be as special as he could make it. Pound cake would have been so much better, but it was way out of his budget. Peter hoped that a few eggs would be a decent treat for Emily.

As they drifted by a milk stand, Emily tugged at his hand. Her beautiful pink dress, one of their mother’s last belongings they kept, rippled in the summer breeze and sagged at her feet due to the fact that it was overly large for her small body. For a quick moment, Peter wished he could take the pink dress and hide it. He really missed his mother and did not want the beautiful thing ruined. But no. Emily needed it more than he did, for she missed their mother terribly. She constantly reminded him of her daily, with her bright red hair. It was quite a wonder that he even had brown hair.

Snapping back into reality, he noticed she was pointing to the milk stand. “Pete, milk?”

Peter shook his head, the guilt a burden on his shoulders. “Sorry, Emily.”

She was upset, but didn’t push him any further. Peter really appreciated Emily for this. Although she didn’t completely understand, she still was very mature for her age and did not act like the spoiled brats he had seen in town who wanted everything they saw. It really angered Pete when he saw them whine about toys and treats when there was plenty of poor people like him who starved daily, barely getting by daily.

He felt another tug on his sleeve, breaking into his thoughts. “Pete, who’s that?”

Although Peter was still a small distance away from their home, he could see the outline of someone standing by their house. Then he saw more movement and made out multiple other figures. Peter raised an eyebrow, confused.

He held Emily’s hand tightly and ran as fast as he could. As he reached the home, he noticed the figure was a brown bear in a business suit. He wasn’t surprised, since after the whole bear strike, it became legal for bears today to go to college and get jobs. That may have seemed odd in the past, but it was very common today.

The brown bear turned around and growled at them. โ€œWhat are you doing here?โ€

โ€œThis is my house.โ€

โ€œNot anymore.โ€

Peter’s eyes widened, dumbfounded. Then he looked down, and gulped back a whimper. Okay, maybe he had been behind on paying off the house. But, they couldn’t just come in and take it… could they?

“Sir, this is where my mother and father died.”

The bear just gave him an annoyed look. “I’m sorry for your loss, but I suppose next you’ll tell me you have no where else to go.”

Peter gulped, glancing at confused Emily, then nodded. “Yes, really. We truly don’t have another place to go. I have a little sister…”

The brown bear just waved his hand at them and gave Peter a cold look. “I hear this all the time. Look kid, this is reality and it doesn’t let you get what you want. You owed the bank some money, thus causing everything come to this. Now move along.”

That day, Peter learned a valuable lesson and was left with a burning resentment. You could never trust anyone, especially bears.

I’m not really certain what timeline I had intended for this, so it might seem kind of weird and very unrealistic. But that’s kind of what I was aiming for, in a way. This really just came to me when I saw all three prompts. Also, I really didn’t try to edit it so it might have some typos. I’m looking forward to the next one! ๐Ÿ™‚



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