Camp Nanowrimo Checklist: What to Bring


Sorry for the lame graphic above. I did it late at night. πŸ˜› Hello, wonderful people! Today, I thought it’d be fun to show you what I decided to “bring” to camp. I know it’s sort of late since camp is over in eleven days, but I really thought it’d be fun to post this. Honestly, I feel like all of these things are completely necessary to your survival, but I suppose it varies for people.

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Camp Nanowrimo: Devoted Yet Tired

Camp Nanowrimo Update #1

Edit: I don’t know why it says I published this on the 18th instead of the 17th. Probably have the wrong time set for my blog?

I just realized it’s the third week of Camp Nanowrimo so far. I meant to post every week, but then again, I didn’t post my wrap-up of March until last week. Also, I went through a historical moment in Wisconsin history. Largest snowstorm in 129 years! Crazy! I have pictures, and I’m going to post them either next time or the time after that. Sort of a sneak peek, you can see the snow in the background of the image above.


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The March Ends Here + April Goals & Updates

It’s April, but there’s still some snow outside. Plus, there’s supposed to be some snow coming on the weekend, which is coming from the New York area supposedly. Anyways, I totally meant to post this last week, but then I got sick with a twelve-hour stomach bug. Then I got a cold. So I’ve been miserable for some time, with a horrible appetite as well as well as not wanting to read or write.

So I wanted to finish the California to Wisconsin series before April, but that didn’t happen. Mainly because I got behind, and also because I needed some photos from my mom and forgot about that for some time. Plus, I’m moving. Again. So that’s been on my mind for most of March and is eating my brain like it’s yummy cake or something right now. That probably didn’t make sense, but whatever. πŸ˜›

Now, reviewing my progress of March….

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California to Wisconsin (Part 5)

Welcome back! I can’t believe we’re on part five now. Like, wow! Today I’m focusing more on the landscape of the desert and my yard as well as some photos of Samson the dog and a few others.


I know it’s not much, but I really enjoy taking photos of nature and stuff.

So what do you think of deserts now (specifically a California desert)? Something you like or don’t like? Is it weird trees and plants other than Joshua Trees grow there? I thought it was weird how green it gets in Wisconsin.

~ Chloe

California to Wisconsin (Part 3)

Welcome back to the California to Wisconsin series, which I have decided might be a long one. We are on Part 3, and I pat you on the back if you’ve still followed the posts since I am a chatterbox. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I’m showing you the bedroom I shared with one of my sisters and some of my weird collections of stuff. Prepare your eyes for our messy room. So we pretty much made a mess everywhere to figure out what we did and didn’t want. It worked.. so… πŸ˜›

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California to Wisconsin (Part 2)

Welcome back to part two of the California to Wisconsin Series.

I think I kind of posted these out of order, since this one is more about when the chickens left, but also a few other animals. Anyways, I’m featuring one of my favorite chickens today, although we really never gave her a name. We just called her the escape artist, since she always got out of their little fenced area.


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California to Wisconsin (Part 1)

Edit: I was notified that the images were not showing up correctly. Hopefully that has been fixed. πŸ™‚

Hello, friends! I finally am starting to get the posts together for this little series. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’ll do, since I pretty much just want to show you my photos. I’m not necessarily sure how often I will post the parts of this series, and I was hoping to have them scheduled for daily posts, but I have to get the photos off of my dad’s account on the computer. So it might be every few days or so.

Yes, this series was long overdue.. since all of this technically happened like a year ago. πŸ˜›

I’m going to start from when we were preparing to move last year. I’m beginning this series with the animals, because who doesn’t love precious animals?

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AAWC Challenge 5






Abby Franklin

Catharine Runion

Crystal (ME)


  1. Did you just shoot down, and possibly kill, Santa?”


3. β€œHave you seen the headline of today’s newspaper? Christmas is back!”

Points: 4

Ten-year-old Thomas was staring out the window, a camera in his hand. He hoped to photograph Santa, to prove to the world that he was indeed real, at least to his friends. Thomas was upset that students in his class were constantly telling him Santa was not real. Of course he was…. but would Santa ever come to help Thomas prove that? Grasping a figure in his hand, Thomas put it behind the camera and pretended that was him snapping a photo of Santa.

Tomorrow was Christmas Day and Thomas began to feel hopeless. Perhaps Santa didn’t know that a little boy like himself, although he considered himself to be a man, was trying to defend Santa’s honor. Starting to feel drowsy, Thomas’s eyes began to close.

A moment later, he was startled awake by a loud sound. Thomas opened his eyes and saw a man in armor and a helmet standing next to him. The man was holding a sniper and was aiming at the sky. Thomas glanced over and saw a sleigh with reindeer in the sky. Unable to find his camera, the man suddenly fired again and smoke was visible from the sleigh.

Thomas glared at the man. “Did you just shoot down, and possibly kill, Santa?”

The man chuckled. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

Thomas started to get uncomfortable. Was this guy one of those people who were crazy? “Who… are you?”

The man raised an eyebrow then groaned. “Another one who doesn’t know who I am.”

“Was I supposed to?”

He took off his helmet, revealing his blue eyes and blond hair. “Duh. I’m Jack Frost.”

Thomas was confused. “But isn’t Jack Frost supposed to be this icy blue dude?”

Jack rolled his eyes. “That’s what the world thinks, but besides the blue eyes, it ain’t true.”

“Okay, but why would you attack Santa..?”

“Haven’t you heard? He’s my mortal enemy. ” Jack smirked. “It’s pretty much my goal to destroy Christmas.”

Thomas shook his head. Then it suddenly sunk in and he stood frozen in place with fear. A man with gun that shot Santa’s sleigh down was standing in front of Thomas. A man with a gun… something that could kill him.

Jack raised an eyebrow. “You okay, kid?”

Thomas stared at him for a moment and then nodded slowly. Jack held out a hand to him. “Since you’re a witness, I’m afraid I’ll have to take you with me.”

Then Thomas shook his head and crossed his arms. Jack rolled his eyes. “It’s not like you have a choice, kid. Besides, I’m going to find Santa.”

Jack grabbed Thomas, tied a rope around him, and pulled him towards another sleigh.Β  This one appeared to be painted a somewhat icy blue. “Santa did have some good tastes in rides, I’ll admit,” Jack murmured. “But not in colors, and his sleigh certainly does not have the newest tech.”

He strapped Thomas into the backseat of the sleigh and gagged him. Then he tapped some buttons. With his hands on the wheel, Jack suddenly flew the sleigh into the sky.

Thomas was shocked. How could a sleigh fly without reindeer?

Jack grabbed an unusual looking pair of binoculars and looked around the town. “Now, to find Santa.”

After a few moments, Thomas felt the sleigh being jerked and starting to descend. He stretched his neck as far as he could, attempting to see where they were. Thomas could see the red sleigh, and got worried. He did not want to have to see Santa this way, especially if the jolly man was hurt. But maybe it was good he was in this position. Narrowing his eyebrows in concentration, Thomas suddenly had a plan in mind. He figured this would be the only way to save Santa, and although it scared him to even consider using violence for real instead of for play-fighting, he’d do it.

As quietly as he could, Thomas unstrapped the seat belt and moved towards Jack, who was too focused on Santa to notice him. When the moment was right, after a few moments when Jack almost noticed him, Thomas pushed Jack Frost out of the sleigh.

The sleigh suddenly started descending faster, and Thomas did not have an idea on how to stop it. He squeezed his eyes shut and then blacked out.


Thomas opened his eyes and found himself in the same spot he was before he left. He was very confused and grabbed his camera, once again hoping to take a picture of Santa. Thomas ran into his house and saw a newspaper on the counter. Grabbing it, he noticed a headline sticking out to him. Thomas started to shout: β€œHave you seen the headline of today’s newspaper? Christmas is back!”

His mother came over and gave him a confused look. “Was it ever gone?”

Thomas opened his mouth to explain, then changed his mind. “It’s nothing, mom.”

After she went back to doing what she was doing, he turned on his camera and looked at what was on his SD card. He saw a picture that made the eyes pop out of his head. Thomas was standing right next to Santa!

I don’t think this was a good story, but it’s really hard to figure out what to do with Santa xD

~ Chloe (aka Crystal)