The March Ends Here + April Goals & Updates

It’s April, but there’s still some snow outside. Plus, there’s supposed to be some snow coming on the weekend, which is coming from the New York area supposedly. Anyways, I totally meant to post this last week, but then I got sick with a twelve-hour stomach bug. Then I got a cold. So I’ve been miserable for some time, with a horrible appetite as well as well as not wanting to read or write.

So I wanted to finish the California to Wisconsin series before April, but that didn’t happen. Mainly because I got behind, and also because I needed some photos from my mom and forgot about that for some time. Plus, I’m moving. Again. So that’s been on my mind for most of March and is eating my brain like it’s yummy cake or something right now. That probably didn’t make sense, but whatever. 😛

Now, reviewing my progress of March….

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