Camp Nanowrimo Checklist: What to Bring


Sorry for the lame graphic above. I did it late at night. 😛 Hello, wonderful people! Today, I thought it’d be fun to show you what I decided to “bring” to camp. I know it’s sort of late since camp is over in eleven days, but I really thought it’d be fun to post this. Honestly, I feel like all of these things are completely necessary to your survival, but I suppose it varies for people.

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Camp Nanowrimo: Devoted Yet Tired

Camp Nanowrimo Update #1

Edit: I don’t know why it says I published this on the 18th instead of the 17th. Probably have the wrong time set for my blog?

I just realized it’s the third week of Camp Nanowrimo so far. I meant to post every week, but then again, I didn’t post my wrap-up of March until last week. Also, I went through a historical moment in Wisconsin history. Largest snowstorm in 129 years! Crazy! I have pictures, and I’m going to post them either next time or the time after that. Sort of a sneak peek, you can see the snow in the background of the image above.


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The March Ends Here + April Goals & Updates

It’s April, but there’s still some snow outside. Plus, there’s supposed to be some snow coming on the weekend, which is coming from the New York area supposedly. Anyways, I totally meant to post this last week, but then I got sick with a twelve-hour stomach bug. Then I got a cold. So I’ve been miserable for some time, with a horrible appetite as well as well as not wanting to read or write.

So I wanted to finish the California to Wisconsin series before April, but that didn’t happen. Mainly because I got behind, and also because I needed some photos from my mom and forgot about that for some time. Plus, I’m moving. Again. So that’s been on my mind for most of March and is eating my brain like it’s yummy cake or something right now. That probably didn’t make sense, but whatever. 😛

Now, reviewing my progress of March….

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My Nanowrimo Journey// Why Do We Write?


That time of year is coming up again, people! The month where you have outlined your story (unless you’re a pantser like myself and have a hard time with that) and are completely prepared for the journey ahead. By the time it’s halfway through the month, we’re exhausted and almost dead (except I haven’t died yet since I’ve never done Nano. Good thing us authors will have many lives when it comes to writing xD)

Most of you have probably guessed I’m referring to Nanowrimo because of the title… xD

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